Personal Insurance


Personal Insurance

Snyman & Van Der Vyver offer cover for your home and personal belongings, designed with the individual in mind.

Our objectives:

  • Limit rate increases as far as possible.
  • Provide a competitive product & offering unique extended cover for you.
  • Providing excellent service, in particular with regard to the settlement of claims, annual renewals and ad hoc adjustments.


  • A dedicated consultant – not a call centre – to manage your insurance needs on your behalf.
  • An annual renewal review, which ensures correctness.
  • A unique rates chart that is reviewed regularly to ensure the rate structure remains market related.
  • A 24-hour emergency number.

Supplementary options:

  • Limited Mileage – Because if your car is spending more time at home, you should be spending less on your premium.
  • Guaranteed value on your vehicles -it removes uncertainty around what to expect as compensation during a total loss, eliminates potential conflict and expedites the claims process.
  • Accidental damage up to full amount.
  • Lower excess structure on Vehicles / over 55 – no excess.
  • Hot water cylinder: full cover for burst geyser + Maintenance cover available.
  • All Risk worldwide cover away from your home: Various limits available to meet your personal needs.