Where we come from

The company was established on the 1st November 1988 by Jannie Snyman. Joe Van der Vyver joined a year later. Both were previously General Managers (Marketing) at Sanlam. At that stage, they had already accumulated 60 years of industry experience.

During visits to overseas companies, the founding partners gained valuable insight into what was then still a buzz word – “service”. Today, the word “service” is universally used but few companies can truly claim that their clients routinely experience good, quality service.

It is with a passion for delivering true service that Snyman & Van der Vyver was established. In fact, “service” was the single-minded purpose which drove the company forward and continues to shape our thinking and processes today.

When we look back

We are blessed and humbled to be in a position to reflect on milestones in our journey.

  • 1988: Jannie Snyman launches the company with just one simple but compelling objective – to serve short term insurance clients with passionate service.
  • 1992: The segmentation of risk pools starts and the TOP 500 scheme is put in place.
  • 1997: A separate department for commercial insurance is introduced.
  • 2001: A new department for the handling of Professional Indemnity insurance is formed.
  • 2011: Our personal lines clients tally over 3000.
  • 2018: Became Santam’s first franchise.
  • 2019: 30 Year Anniversary.
  • 2019: Santam acquired 100% shareholding in Snyman & van der Vyver Financial Service.

For Snyman & Van der Vyver, the achievement of dreams fulfilled and the vision of a bright future can be attributed to one enduring and compelling value – a passion for service excellence.