Take care

Snyman Van der Vyver

Take care

The need to take “reasonable care” of insured property is a standard requirement in home-, contents-, motor vehicle- and travel insurance. This is to ensure that the insured person takes precautions even though they are insured.

According to Aletta Harding, head of Snyman and van der Vyver’s Personal Lines, it is a good idea to be extra vigilant when there is building, repair or renovation activity at your home.

“When you’ve got a number of people and strangers on your property, the risk of loss naturally increases. It is important to secure your valuables, especially jewellery, by locking them away, ideally in a safe.

It is also important to be aware of your policy’s requirements.  If is therefor important that you contact us when changed circumstances impact your risk, even if only temporarily, so that we can assess your risk and make the necessary adjustments if needed.  In this way you will ensure that you remain adequately covered.”

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