Lock & go

Lock & go

The summer holiday is the perfect time to lock up and go away for a well-deserved break, and the last thing you think about is problems that could arise while you are away.

What to do before you go away:

  • Make sure your house is locked up and secure.
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Test your alarm and make sure it is switched on.
  • Keep valuables such as jewellery in a locked safe.
  • Switch off your geyser.
  • Ask someone to clear your post.
  • Cancel newspaper deliveries for the period you are away.
  • Trust a neighbour with a set of keys in case of an emergency.

Santam will also give you peace of mind during this time.

They will give their existing clients extra protection over the holiday season by automatically adding an additional 10% cover on household contents between 15 December and 31 January, free of charge.